Smart Roofing for the Best Savings

Roofing replacements can be VERY expensive and rarely a convenient expense. However, being that a roof is vital, we have taken the time to learn how to provide the most cost effective options to you and still have the best roofing solution, for LESS than our competition. It' not easy and quite frankly, most other roofers simply do not have the knowledge, experience, technology nor the true interest to do what we do. With Dimensional Roofing, you get remarkably skilled roofing AND the scientific approach of a roofing consultant in one. These abilities can save you many thousands. Try us and find out for yourself. Austin, San Antonio, San Marcos, Waco, Dallas and Houston.

Roofing excellence

When accepting bids from any contractor, much can be learned in how they go about producing the bid. We at Dimensional Roofing & Diagnostics take an in depth look at every roof system we bid one and examine it much like a doctor would a patient. The reason is simple. The existing roof system needs to be diagnostically examined thoroughly to know its strengths and weaknesses alike. The truth is that many times we find that a roof system is not in bad of shape as the buyer might believe it to be. This is where Dimensional Roofing excels and the end result is huge cost savings. We are huge on roof conservation when possible. While that may not result in as big a contract as possible, it is what sets Dimensional Roofing apart and our clients love us for it. Our use of infrared and impedance meter technology allow for us to virtually take a chest x-ray of your roof and locate the bad roof from the good. By extracting the bad roof sections only, we may end up saving you many thousands of dollars, but also save a ton of good roof from going into the landfill.

Furthermore, we always provide at least three options for the new system and sometimes up to six. This allows you to choose a new roof system based on different factors. Code compliance, hail resistance, absolute lowest price and variants in between. On commercial re-roof projects it is highly likely that HVAC and plumbing trades may need to be involved and we include those trades and expenses into our proposals. You're likely not in the General Contracting business, so we make sure to cover all bases and make the project as easy and thorough for you as possible. We don't mark up these trades either but instead show you the actual bid from the other trade so you can see for yourself. While this is our living, we truly take pride in leaving every roof we install as clean and buttoned up as possible. It's why Dimensional Roofing & Diagnostics will be your roofing contractor of choice, every time. Austin, San Antonio, San Marcos, Waco, Dallas and Houston.