Roof Systems

Choose the Best System
for Your Property

Single Ply Membranes - TPO, PVC, KEE

TPO roofing systems are a great choice for flat roof applications and are easy and affordable to maintain. They require highly specialized crews as well as experienced estimators to ensure the a safely installed system as well as highly cost effective options that only experience can bring you.

Standing Seam Metal - Mechanical and Snap Lock

Standing Seam Metal Roof systems are the fastest growing roof type because of their beauty and strength. This photo shows three types of metal roofing, flat standing seam, curved standing seam and soldered custom panels. This illustrates our professional abilities with metal roofing quite well.

Sustainable Roof Coating Systems

Roof coatings can be great temporary systems and when installed correctly, can be lifetime systems. Be very careful not to coat over a roof system with moisture within it. Many contractors do not perform moisture surveys and this will result in trapping moisture inside of your roof system and causing more damage than good. Dimensional Roofing & Diagnostics is the leader in due diligence prior to bidding any roof system.

Shingle Roof Systems

Asphalt shingles roof systems are the most common roof systems still. They too are evolving with higher performing features and options, however. Most important is always the waterproofing performance of the system and for maximum performance, specialty materials like ice and water shield and low profile ridge vents are a must. Low pitch roofs can be to flat for shingles, so be sure no detail is overlooked.

Modified Bitumen

The most common asphalt based flat roof systems are built up roofs made of a modified bitumen or modified asphalt.

Roof Top Patio

The most popular method of developing valuable and beautiful living space can be found on the roof.