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Decades of commercial roofing experience and the highest quality products, customized for your specific needs and budget. Our experience goes in depth with all roofing systems. Metal roof systems, flat roof systems, shingle roof systems, coatings and roof top patios are all our specialties. Clean, Smart and Professional... Roofing has never looked so good. Austin, San Antonio, San Marcos, Waco, Dallas and Houston.

Roofing excellence

Dimensional Roofing & Diagnostics is based in Austin TX and serves the central Texas area. Our commercial roofing division responds to roof leaks with infrared cameras and state of the are moisture detection equipment. Fast and qualified commercial roofing professionals, we elevate the standard in commercial roofing in Austin and San Antonio. Flat roofs, metal roofing, shingle roofing, coatings and even designer tile roofs. Dimensional Roofing & Diagnostics installs new construction commercial roofs but our specialty is re-roofing a building or retrofitting an existing system, eliminating the need to tear off the existing system. Real estate investment firms look to Dimensional Roofing & Diagnostics for their commercial roofing needs because of our solid reputation as a knowledgeable and experienced professional roofing contractor that can be trusted with their investment.

Dimensional Roofing & Diagnostics, Inc has won awards and recognition year after year for our solid commitment to roofing performance and reliability. The name "Dimensional" comes from our ability to look at projects from many angles and solve problems of different kinds. In fact, we have many clients that look to Dimensional for help with problems having little to nothing about roofing simply because of our reputation and knowledgeable and trusted contractors. We are critical thinkers and creative with solutions and technology. This has forged long relationships with our clients, many whom have become friends.

When you own properties, you learn to build relationships that hold value and that are convenient. Dimensional is always looking for ways to save you money, while tackling your goals. Lastly, Dimensional is committed to leading the roofing industry in our shared commitment to climate change. Saving our planet does not have to be difficult and when you work with Dimensional, you can rest assured that we have put the time and investment in making your project a healthy one for Mother Earth.