Solar Film. A creative approach to solar.

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July 16, 2016

For the Looks?

Thin solar film is a creative and resourceful way to approach solar powering anything. The thin film can be wrapped and applied in various contours and surfaces. Its thin profile makes it great for standing seam metal roof systems. In Austin Texas, the fastest growing roof system type to be installed annually is the standing seam metal roof system. Solar is also becoming more popular, especially when rebates are provided for the consumer. These periods of rebates actually drive Solar in most markets and make for a great boost of business for the solar industry.

MiaSole produces several Thin Film systems and many with a 17 percent level of efficiency. See their products on

“Go Green or Go Away”

Global warming was shed a bright light on a dark truth. It is imperative that we as inhabitants of this planet make tremendous change if we expect tremendous change. By harvesting the heat and light being beat down on our roof tops, we can make electricity demands so much less expensive. Contributing, rather than Consuming. That is a new culture to be had and appreciated and celebrated.

So where to from here then?

The interest in solar may likely become a mandate if climate change is truly sought after for the better.

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