Whats Hot? Roof Top Patios!

Created on:

July 22, 2016


The thoughtful use of space can make a home or building a lot more fun. Roof top patios are a great way to make use of your flat roof system and provide some great environments. Obviously, engineering must be done prior to ensure the structure can handle a live load. However, when done right, a roof top patio can double the living space of a building. Doing it right also means that the waterproofing function of the roof can not be compromised. A great way to plan your roof top patio is by choosing a roof system with a hard recovery board. If you plan on pavers with pedestals, them a high density roof substrate is best. If using TPO or PVC, laying a sacrificial or double layer is highly encouraged.

“What good is it if it leaks?”

As far as deck surfaces go, there are interlocking wood paver options to concrete and marble pedestal options. Perhaps artificial turf is comfortable for you. Whichever direction you go, do not forget your still on a roof and proper care must still be taken to prevent destroying the system.

So where to from here then?

Roof top decks and patios are the next back yards of the times. With the value and scarcity of "space" changing, the roof top patio will always make for a fun design.

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