Leak Detection and Facilities Management

Fast and thorough commercial roofing services executed by a clean and safe team of professionals with diligence and care. State of the art technology like infrared, nuclear and impedance technology separate the pro's from the disappointment. We understand the value of your investment and invest into it ourselves.

Roofing excellence

Leaks can be frustrating and costly. Calling a contractor out for the same leak over and over is just unacceptable and for us, would be embarrassing. Which is why we invest heavily in technology and education to ensure we are efficient and accurate for our clients. Flir infrared cameras, Tramex moisture meters and intelligent staff separates us from the competition. Our clients look to us for issues not even roof related because they know we are masters of our craft. Critical thinking and reliability make us a valuable part of our client's extended team. We value our customers and know they have a job to do when taking care of commercial tenants. That makes servicing those tenants fast and efficiently our job as well. It's just that simple.

Amazing leak detection and customer service from a commercial roofing contractor should not be too much to ask. Dimensional Roofing & Diagnostics strives to provide both along with competitive pricing. Furthermore, we manage data so you don't have to. Every leak call is documented and stored for your records making our relationship more valuable every year. Photos, notes and recommendations are all stored on the cloud and available to our clients through our client portal.