Hail Storms - 3 Reasons to Wait to Roof

Created on:

July 29, 2021

1- Shingle Damage from Heat -

100 degree heat makes shingles soft and walking on soft shingles will cause permanent damage to them.  A roofing crew walking on the soft shingles, rushing to get done and out of the heat means a high chance of damage to your brand new roof. Waiting for cooler temperatures is a great way to ensure this doesn't happen to you. Dimensional Roofing is scheduling well into December and we advise to wait till at least September to get your roof done.

2- Rushing Roofing Crews -

After a big storm, roofing companies are in a frenzy to capture work and get paid fast. The crews that install are doing the same thing and this means shoddy work and messy job sites. Crews will hire up new installers that are likely inexperienced and there are plenty of ways they can install your roof wrong and you will be dealing with leaks and interior damage to your home during the rainy season. Let the frenzy calm down and you will have a better installed roof as companies can better manage quality control standards as they should. We at Dimensional Roofing install above standard manufacturer inspections with 6 nails instead of four and many other simple, yet effective tweaks to the specification. Better roofs for the same price at Dimensional Roofing.

3- Material Shortages -

In our current market, there are material shortages across many industries and roofing has been hit hard. Contractors are now forced to use lesser quality products and sometimes may even use an incorrect product because there simply is no other choice at that specific time of ordering. From important items like starter strip to vents to even the shingles themselves, we are seeing manufacturers struggle to provide the products we need now. Let the market heal and give it some time. You'll have more choices and higher quality products on your home's new roof.

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